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Mokbase is a digital media agency that provides affordable music and artiste promotion. We also have a deep passion for music and entertainment. Thereby creating and analyzing trends around music and entertainment niche.
 Besides our daily articles on Mokbase, we also engage in online digital music distribution and promotion with a growing array of artistes, labels, comedians and content creators across the region on our platform. 


We deliver the following music promotion services to represent our value;

1. Social Media Promotion: We promote your music or your records by using strategically targeted facebook, instagram, and twitter adverts. Our social media promotion is sure to provide an artiste all the publicity they need on social media.

2. Lyrics Video Creation: We will create a dope lyrics video for your song, and turn that song into an awesome video that will have your fans wanting more.

3. Radio Airplay: We will instantly help submit your music or your album to top radio stations  for media broadcast promotion, since this is a very important aspect of building your music career.

4. D.J Mixtape Compilation: D.J mixtape compilation in it's best. We make alaba selections that will be focused and dedicated to you only, your photography will be boldly placed at the front cover of the CDs.

5. Music Distribution and Monetization: With our music distribution servivce you will get your music to all major music stores like Spotify, itunes, Tidal, Amazon e.t.c. And you keep 100% of your rights and earnings.


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