INTERVIEW: Meet Ihcego, Who Plans to Bridge the Gap Between Male & Female Musicians

This definitely not “feminism” in the Nigerian context but, Ihcego, one of Nigeria’s rising talents has stated that she would love to “strategically bridge the gap between male and female” acts (musicians) in the country.
Born 2nd July, 1995, Ogechi Iteogu hails from Abia State and was born in Lagos state.
In an exclusive interview with MOKBASE, the BARE crooner speaks on her music career, what she seeks to change in the music industry and how she would handle the record label-artiste scandal as regards to her.
MOKBASE: Do you sing in the shower? What songs?
Yes I sing in the shower; mostly free-styling with any melody or tune I come up with or I sing songs I may have been listening to before I got in.
MOKBASE: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?
I would be in some bank working as a teller or just writing content as I do, for a living.
MOKBASE: What is your creative process like?
My creative process has me picking a topic first, then it mostly spans across using an instrumental to spur a song-story out me, scribbling random words and eventually using them to make good sentences for my lyrics then creating the melody that suits these sentences, or writing witty poems that can always be converted to music.
MOKBASE: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? And what would you do differently?
As opposed to the days of the outlandish marketing and promotion style, the internet has formed a whole new space to showcase music and get across to the universal market. I would certainly remain original and smart with my approaches to use internet.
MOKBASE: How would you want your music to impact people? What is you plan to achieve that?
I believe music is a tool for conveying messages. I’ve chosen my message to be the kind that would always preach positivity, have meanings of topical real-life issues and be socially conscious.
I can only achieve that will consistent continuing to hone my skills so I never fall short of making music with a message.
MOKBASE: In recent times, music acts have had serious fights with record labels; what is your take on that and how do you intend to avoid such mess.
I don’t like trouble. God helping me, I would stay an independent artiste as long as possible and keep working my way up. If the “good record deal” comes along, I believe continuing to be humane, integral and being equipped legally are my go to arms to combat any problems that may arise.
MOKBASE: If the label system fails, what next?
I’ve stopped doing music with the hopes of a label coming to sweep me off my feet, so it doesn’t turn a sour tale if that’s not my eventual fate. I’ll always work hard with people that believe in me as much as myself, to push ihcego music independently.
MOKBASE: How do you measure your growth?
I measure growth with a lot of things to be honest. But basically, if I’m not where I was last month or the month before, that’s some growth for me.
MOKBASE: Music is also a business, what is your business plan?
There’s always a way to monetize everything and make money off it, even what you do out of passion or love. With whatever experience I continually gather from music, I’ll monetize my music related skills.
MOKBASE: What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Best advice? I really can’t remember
MOKBASE: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
If I could change anything, it would just be to remove greed or any other evil from the hearts of people in it. But more strategically, I’ll probably bridge the gap between the number between male and female musicians in the industry by pulling as many female talents as possible.
MOKBASE: Why Wizkid’s JAM? Want to work with him I suppose?
Loved Wizkid’s music from the days of gidi girl” and “Joy” and other classics so I Yeah I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time. The instrumental Chronixx made for his own version of “Jam” was awesome to my liking and I just saw myself creating a good collaboration with him if I was on it with Wiz. That wasn’t going to happen just like that, so I made mine at least.
MOKBASE Would you say you are cut from a different sleeve?
Haha, different sleeve, yeah. There’s something different about me, I can’t blow my own horn but objective people can tell.
MOKBASE What is your niche?
Creativity is infinite and limitless for me so my niche is to be a “hub of versatility”. I don’t like being in boxed into a genre, at least not yet.
MOKBASE: What should we expect from you? EP? ALBUM?
Weirdly, I have an EP already. I jumped the gun and did that first before focusing on releasing singles this year. For now its just great songs as singles in view.

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