MUSIC BIZ TIPS: 5 Things You Need To Know About Music Publishing

Simply put, Music Publishing is the act or business of earning mazuma from your music. Such earnings or payments are called ‘Royalties’. A royalty is a payment, made by one party, for the right to utilize an asset of another party. In this case, the asset is conventionally a musical composition, lyrics, beat or any other perspicacious property.

There are sundry amassment societies (Music Publishers and Publishing Companies) around the world that accumulate your mazuma anytime your music is utilized for commercials, played in digital stores, on streaming platforms, or even performed. However, you might not have access to this mazuma or even ken that there is a mazuma somewhere engendered from your music except you have a publishing deal with a music publisher or a publishing company.

Here are some of the most mundane publishing royalties you are entitled to:

1. Mechanical Royalties: This is a type of royalty that is entitled to songwriters or composers when their musical composition lyric or compositions is sold or being reproduced for sale.

2. Performance Royalties:  Performance rights are those which are earned when your music, sound or composition is performed publicly. Spectacle mean when your music is sung, recorded or played on radios, television, internet or live shows; thus you should be getting paid when any of the above action/ situations take place.

3. Synchronization License: This refers to when a musician, composer or inscriber grants the license for the composition or music to be synchronized with visual media as soundtracks on adverts, games, films etc. When this is done, the composer, musician or publisher is owed a fee.

4. Licenses for sampling: This applies when a third party wants to make utilization of your beat, sound or any other part of your musical composition.

5. Print rights for Sheet Music: As a songwriter/publisher, you are paid whenever your composition is duplicated in print form, including sheet music, lead sheets, fake books, etc.

As far as music publishing is concerned, there are only a few renowned companies that understand the rudiments, intricacies and involutions of music publishing in its entirety. Be admonished, rogue agents and scam artists are rampant in this space because of how lucrative the business of music publishing can be.

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