MUSIC BIZ TIPS: 4 Ways To Get Maximum Exposure For Your Album Or E.P

Ever since the cyber world came into existence – or let’s verbalize propagated, – illimitable possibilities have been opened to artists in terms of promoting your music. The days of printing CDs to sell in stores/by the roadside are gradually coming to a terminus, and many, many artists are stringently putting their music online kenning that they can reach millions more than facsimiles of their CDs ever could.

However, no matter how versed you – as an artist – are with utilizing the cyber world, there’s little to no point in putting your musical compositions/albums online if you don’t promote your works and ascertain you get the right people and your core fans to patronize you. Let’s take an optical canvassing of some fundamental strategies you could be utilizing to promote your music right now.

1. Promote Your Music Live
Albeit the world is going digital, the desideratum for face-to-face and live interactions with your fans cannot be overemphasized. Cerebrate about it, why do you cerebrate many A-list musicians still do ‘album listening’ parties, have gigs, and the relishes? It’s because they ken the value of connecting with fans live. This is a very good way to promote your musical compositions, albums, and many of the works you’ve done. Something as diminutive as playing an incipient musical composition off your upcoming album at a gig can get many people to buy the track when it emerges. Because the people who attended the gig will vouch for you that the musical composition is authentically lit, which will spur others to buy your musical compositions/albums.

2. Utilize Social Media to Promote Your Music
Of the 7.2 billion people on this planet, 2 billion are active users on Facebook, 328 million are active monthly on Twitter, 200 million users snap away on Snapchat, etc. Now, if you as an artist aren’t tapping into this, then you are pellucidly sitting down on a long thing. Social media’s influence on the magnification of album/music sales can’t be overemphasized because if a mundane person isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (at least) then the person doesn’t subsist in this world… verbalize less of you – a musician – who wants to promote your musical composition.

3. Reach out to Music Blogs
If you optate to promote your music/albums, one of the best ways to do so is by reaching out to music blogs. Trust me, they definitely have the audiences that you and possibly your convivial media following may not have.

Withal, there is the desideratum for you to grow by reaching incipient audiences every day so as to convert them into core stans. Bloggers are always probing for fresh, incipient content, and the cool thing is, there are a ton of more minuscule blogs that are thoroughly within your reach as an indie artist. And the authentic resplendency is, if your music is put up on a blog, it’s 100% sure to be optically discerned by people who already like your genre of music!

4. Collaborate with Other Musicians
Featuring an artist is a great way to get your musical compositions bought/aurally perceived by incipient people entirely. Let’s optically canvass the two sultriest musicians in Nigeria at the moment; Wizkid and Davido. I doubt there’s any collabo they will do right now that wouldn’t sell for the artist. When you do a collabo, the featured will withal promote the musical composition/album to his own fans. That signifies more sales for you, more incipient fans, and above all, more revenue. The key point here is to ascertain you opt to work with artists in a kindred genre or with a homogeneous fan base as yours.

Now, all these things and more are all at your fingertips when you utilize a distribution and promotion agency like Mokbase Media to get your music out there to your core fans. With over 1 billion shared views on YouTube, and a Facebook and Twitter following that will rival the gods themselves, you are sure to get the best value of your money. Withal having one of the top music blogs,Mokbase Medial additionally has a solid relationship with the top music blogs and additionally has an electronic mail marketing list that is ensured to avail bolster sales of your musical compositions/albums when utilized.

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