Kehlani Latest Single "Touch"

Kehlani's had a major year throughout 2017. The singer has faced some adversities but she's also been on a streak of releasing great music and launching herself to another level in her career.

Earlier this year, she dropped her debut album SweetSexySavage. Considering the fact that she's been dropping a hell of a lot of music over the past few years, it didn't feel like she just released her first album. Nonetheless, the project was met with positive reception among her fans and many other people in the industry. It also solidified herself past being a commodity. Today, she releases her second single in the past week with "Touch."

Last week, Kehlani surprised everyone with her stripped down, acoustic, ballad "Honey." It wasn't necessarily in the vein of what she normally does but it was a little experiment that she did with her loop pedal and ended up making a powerful song. Today, she drops "Touch." It's a sexier song that has Kehlani singing about the physicality in a relationship. On "Touch," she's singing about forgetting words around one's lover and having the urge to feel their physicality. The production on "Touch" has some electronic, future-bass influence that has a festival feeling to it. While the beat is huge, she doesn't let it overpower her own vocals. There's an evident contrast between "Honey" and "Touch" sound-wise but there is also a consistency in the themes. Maybe this is an indication of what we could expect next.

Considering this is her second single in a short amount of time, one can't help but wonder what she has up her sleeve. She just dropped SweetSexySavage back in January but it seems she's been experimenting and trying different sounds out since it's release.
Aside from dropping the new song, she revealed earlier that she's been nominated for an AMA for Favorite Female Artist in Soul & R&B along with Beyonce and Rihanna.

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