The Disorder that is Affecting Everyone Today, Both Young And Old.

There is a new disorder in town and it affects everyone, young, old, man or woman as long as you have a smartphone.

Nomophobia is the name of the anxiety you get when you are not with your mobile phone. You know that feeling of being uneasy and nervous when you probably forgot your phone or it isn't just in your immediate surrounding.

Nomophobia, which is short for no-mobile phobia, has been categorized as a condition that affects everyone. When researchers in Hong Kong asked people how they felt without their phone, they used words like 'hurt' and 'alone' to describe their mood.

In a different research by Americans, it was discovered that nomophobia can lead to increase in heart rate and blood pressure. According to top researchers, it is just more than not being without your phone but the separation of what is inside your phone that matters.

Now in order to stop having mini-panic attacks every time you are not with your phone, it is suggested that you try and switch your phone off or leave it at home once in a while. This will help you reduce the addiction you have with your mobile phone.

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