A Nigeria Man shares His photos of fake 1000 Naira note received from Abuja ATM Read more

A Nigerian man has shown his displeasure after an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) dispensed a fake one thousand naira note. 

The young man whose name was withheld went to Abuja for an interview when the incident happened. According to the aggrieved man, he went to the bank to withdraw the last one thousand naira in his account when the unfortunate incident happened. 

It was some minutes past eight in the night when the withdrawal was made. 

He did not discover the dispensed cash was a fake note until morning. He went over to the bank to complain but was turned down by the lady in charge. 

This lady was simply identified as Modupe. She turned him down saying there was no way the ATM would have paid him the fake note with him.

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