A Nigeria Lady launches Her ultimate search Via Social Media for a husband online (photos)

One of such stories involves one Becky Enyioma who took to Instagram to announce her search for a husband.
Some of the recently took to the streets to ask women what they want from men. See their responses below: He would be aged between 40 and 45, and he also should not be a fake born again Christian. 

See her full list below:
“It's official. Preferably Igbo cause no energy to break cultural barriers. Must be tall. I can't deal with short guys and their complex issues...soryee. Age between 40 and 45. I don't need boys claiming to be men. Real men or get smacked down! Must be working. Have his own. No baby mama dramas cause I can't deal. No born again fakeness either. I booze now and again and dude has to booze with me. Lol. Should be a once-a-month night out. Dinning out now and again. Loves to travel. Loves to read. Loves cars. I don't need any guy with brain the size of a tennis ball cause he'll get electroc*ted before he comes ten yards close. Signing off. Baba Jah noni.

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