Hilarious: Check Out This Photo of a Female NYSC Member Who Believes Wearing Trousers is a Sin

The NYSC female member
A female member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) identified as Christian Uzoukwu from Imo State, has taken to her Facebook page to lambast her fellow corps members who wear the designated trouser uniform by the Federal Government.
She shared a photo of herself wearing a hilarious skirt outfit made from the NYSC original uniform. She captioned the post; “SHAME TO THOSE SISTERS WHO HAVE DENIED GOD IN THE NAME THAT THEY WANT TO OBEY MAN.”
Someone responded and wrote; “Word Bride; Are you not being hypocritical with this your outlooks? Does trouser, as you think offends God? Does Not the Bible says we should obey Governments and them that have the rule over us? The Bible didn’t condemn trouser for a woman nor did it condemned skirt for the men but transvestity. Avoid cross dressing!”
She fired back saying: “Brother it is a pity that u lack the knowledge of God u profess. I will obey Govt when their laws are not against God’s law. Homosexual laws in America is not Government laws? So I should obey them because Bible says I should obey those in authority, Please u need God to forgive u.”
She continued; “Why did the apostles face persecution and Crucifixions? Is it not because they reject Govt laws that stop them to obey God? I guess u have left the voice God send in ur day?
“The person u call ur pastor saw this sister and praised God and wish that others will follow suit but u think she is a hypocritical person I thinking ur the person that need repentance hence ur not ashamed to comment negative things here.”

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