Woman jailed for sending death threats to herself while trying to implicate her ex boyfriend


Stephani Renae Lawson (pictured) has been jailed for posing as her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Parkervest and sending death threats to herself.  

Lawson created Facebook profiles to send eight messages pretending they were from Tyler. The messages she sent to herself included threats to kill herself and beat herself up after the couple broke up.

 She lied to police and they arrested Mr Parkervest. He was treated like a criminal right up to trial until loopholes were found in the case.

 Police realised IP addresses of the messages came from devices belonging to her and decided to investigate more. Tyler was cleared of four charges of stalking, threatening, kidnapping and battering, while Lawson was arrested in Orange County, California.

She was arrested for false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, or deceit, and one felony count of perjury. Initially she denied the charges but changed her plea at the last moment. Lawson has now been jailed for a year.

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