What Do To Make Good Results In Your First Year In Higher Institution

I have always heard people say that ” the only way to come out of the higher institution with a good result is to start with a good result.”
The foundation has always been the basis of every solid building. Your level of input in the foundation of a building is directly proportional to how solid the building will be.
My ability to make it out of my first institution with upper credit was as a result of the fact that I caught this secret early. Very few people knows the power inherent in making good grades right from your first year in school.
To expand your scope of view, I will like to disclose to you that the higher institution is quite different from your usual secondary school. In secondary school, they make use of terms and three(3) of it forms a section but in higher institution of learning, we make use of semester which divided in to two(2) to make a section or a year.
For your first semester in school, the sum of your score is rounded up to become your GP while the combination of your 1st and 2nd semester shows your CGPA. You will know more when you get on board.
Take this very important, your 100level, ND1 or year one generally is not that kind of a tough one, they are basic works that you can easily grasp. This is why you need to take charge of it to the fullest.
I will be giving few secrets or principles that will guide you through your first year to arriving at an excellent result.
1) Be Determined :
Determination is one of the secrets of great men, it is a principle they dare not push away. The reason why Obama is up there as the president of the united state is as a result of great determination.
To come out excellent in your 1st year in the higher institution, you must be determined. Your mind must be made up with no cause to turn back.
2) Be Focused :
A man full of determination without focus is as good as a man on a journey without a perspective.
May I hint you that the higher institution is literarily another world on its own where you face lots of distracting things.
So many people want to be the best in their department but the have been carried away by either of the following;
• Quest to live social,
• Quest for political seats in the department, faculty or SUG level,
• Quest to meet up to peers and lots more.
You need to be focused, when you are determined to do something, discipline yourself and fight against any distraction.
3) Put You Score in Black and White Before The Beginning Of The Semester :
List out each course you are having, and put the score you want to have in front of them. This will give you a vision and a perspective to run with. With it, you will know what you are pursuing for each course.
To this, you must be careful never to settle for anything low. Aim for the best, even in a course your don’t too much like or understand, still aim high and pursue it.
4) Never Give Up :
Be sure that there will definitely be some courses that will give you issues but I want you to know that you can still pass them excellently.
Never allow anything weigh you down, not even low income flow, not even poor standard of living on campus. Great men struggle to get up, they don’t allow situations weigh them down. Be rugged with life, say ” am not giving up!”
Other things to hold onto to make it in your first year also include,
» Punctuality to class,
» Purchasing of necessary handouts,
» Making your mid semesters,
» Making your exams,
» Making up your mind never to sleep without revising each days work,etc
If you are clamoring for admission, never miss use it if you get it, remember some people are out there still praying to get it even when they meet up to the requirement.
We pray for a better Nigeria but this can not be fought for by illiterates, so if you are opportuned to be in higher institution, Nigeria look up to you, spend your time in school wisely and be sure of a better tomorrow.

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