Things Every Newly Admitted Student Should know In Nigeria Universities

1.  Your Course Rep
The first thing or first person rather you should know in Fupre is your Course Rep.

Your Course Rep is similar to a Secondary School Prefect but with some differences obviously, Your Course Rep or the Course Rep of your Department is usually elected by your fellow Course Mates, For Example if you are in Petroleum Engineering 100L your course rep will be elected by 100L Petroleum Engineering Students.

It’s very important that you don’t overlook or underrate this election process because your Course Rep will be deciding the fate of the whole Department.

So just make sure you are involved in electing a competent Course Rep, you might even choose to be the Course Rep for your Department but be warned it’s not an easy job.

If your department already has one just make sure you have a personal relationship with this person, when I say “personal” I don’t mean anything weird so don’t get it twisted.   

  1. 2.  Attendance
Attendance is something you should never play with in Fupre especially at your level, Most Lecturers give free 10 marks just for perfect attendance and trust me ten marks can save your soul in Fupre.

The people with the best attendance are not necessarily the people who attend the most classes, they are just the ones who sign the most attendance sheets so make sure you don’t miss out on signing attendance sheet.

 If you’re in class and you don’t sign attendance it will be assumed that you were not in class.

This is the reason why I encourage you to have a personal relationship with your Course Rep because he/she will be in charge of getting and sending attendance sheets to Lectures, also make sure your department has attendance sheet as soon as possible and keep your signature consistent.

  1. 3.  Lab
You won’t be allowed into any Lab without your Lab Coat and Shoe, Lab Coat will be provided by Fupre.

So take note of Lab Days and make sure you have your materials ready.

Attendance in the Lab is also very important.

 Also make sure your Laboratory Reports are submitted on time and make sure it’s well written; if possible use your best handwriting, because each Lab Report has its own score, which will be added to your final Lab Score at the end of the Semester, and it will determine your overall grade.

Also listen to the Lab Technologists carefully, not all repeat what they’ve said before, even what they said at the beginning of the semester you might not hear till the end.

  1. 4.  Class
More than 50% of what you do in class is what shows up in your text or exam, Take classes seriously especially Mathematics make sure you can solve everything done in class on your own.

  1. 5.  Past Questions
Some Departments like repeating Questions, Studying Past Questions is one hack most fuprites use, so get your hands on as many as possible some are actually on this blog.

Make sure the Department is notorious for repeating questions and also do your normal reading because they might just decide to set new questions this year.

  1. 6.  College Handbook
Your College Handbook contains all the courses you have to study from your first year to your final year and details on each course, it’s something you want to look at from time to time and know the courses you will be doing before time.

This will help you prep better. The different courses offered by different departments are also on this blog.

  1. 7.  Read
It should go without saying that you have to read a lot!, after all anything worth doing is worth doing well and University is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity, do your best to come out with a good degree that won’t make you feel like you’ve wasted your time.

  1. 8.  Think about your future
University might just be the last thing your parents or Guardians will sponsor in your LIFE, After University most parents will assume they have given you the basic tools to succeed in Life, So just have that at the back of your mind.

  1. 9.   Learn How to Calculate your GPA
As soon as you resume you will be hearing things Lectures talk about GPA or CGPA.

GPA stands for Grade Point Average while CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Your GPA is basically your Semester Result; while your CGPA is what determines the class of degree you will be graduating with and also what determines if Fupre is going to withdraw your admission or put you in probation.

I will talk more on Calculating Your GPA on another blog post.

10. The Most Important
 After attending all the classes and signing so many attendance sheets, and reading the unreadable, and writing exams, so well that your Lecturers have to personally interview you, the most important thing at the end of the day is where you will spend eternity.

The absence of Light is Darkness, Do you have the Light of God?. Stay close to your God and pray after every Exam because your Test/Exam Script can easily be misplaced. It’s not common in Fupre but it’s possible.

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