5 Skills Every Nigerian Student Should Acquire Before Leaving Campus

1. Social media marketing skills

Some of you have over 1000 Facebook, Twitter and
Instagram followers. Improve yourself by acquiring Social
media marketing skills and how to set up and monitor
campaigns. Then take up freelance jobs.

2. Content Writing

I know a few students who are good are generating good
write ups and stories. You can improve yourself by taking
up some courses on content writing. You can also start
your own blog about things you love, this way to improve
your self. There are also freelance job vacancies for
content writers.

3. Digital Marketing

The list won't be complete without mentioning Digital
Marketing. Although broad, it's a good thing you are
knowledgeable in all aspects, then decide to focus on
which you find most appealing.
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4. Web Design:

These days, there are free tools, online tutorials, and
blogs that would teach you to design basic websites.
See: Five websites to learn website design.

5. Mobile App Design

With the increased rate in smart phone adoption in
Nigeria, companies are beginning to go mobile both for
business and advertising. This means more money for
mobile app developers.

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