4 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid In Jamb - New Applicants

The 2016/2017 jamb registration is now in progress and based on our review and analysis in the last jamb, we have 5 suggestion for the new and old applicants that are ready to join the Race of Admission seeking in Nigeria tertiary institutions.

1) Avoid competitive courses: I have always advised prospective candidate to be cautious of the course they choose to pursue.
If you can barely score above 200 in jamb and you are fighting for law, medicine, accounting, masscomm and others, you are wasting your time and resources.
Some courses require extra sacrifices.
The number of applicant that applied for the same course will be very high and there is limited admission slot.
The extra brilliant student may survive it but the brilliant, average and poor student will be disappointed.

2) Avoid competitive school: I don't need to say much on competitive nature of some institution, where the percentage of candidate that applied and those that will be consider for admission is 100% vs /20%.
It's a big Risk to choose a very competitive school and your general performance will determine either you will be admitted or not

3) select the correct subject combination: open your eyes, check the jamb brochure and also check the school Admission requirement.
Any student that select the wrong subject combination is taking A very big risk and the end product of the said risk is Admission.
The candidate will not be consider for admission

4) Read wise, Read smart and pray. The result of last jamb reveal in our analysis that the amount of time you spend to study may not have effect on your score.
However if you read smart and wise you are likely to score above your expectation.
Moreso, it's advisable to read at the time that suit your brain and body And don't read to show your mum and dat you are preparing for exam.


The God factor is very essential, some candidate failed as a result of malfunction in the Cbt centre or power issue.
Pray hard and success will be yours.....

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