Know The difference between smartphone and Tablet

while smartphones have witnessed immense transformation over the years, the difference in screen sizes of smart phones have been so blurry as so many devices of different screen sizes have been mistaken for one another.

Mobile phones used to be a device that can be used to send a 160 character text messages and make phone calls, but its usefulness has broaden over the years and so has the display widened also.

Devices are now categorized according to their screen sizes namely “smartphones” , “tablets” & “phablets”.

1. Smartphones: this are examples of the daily devices we get to see everyday and the screen size ranges from 2″ inch to 5″ inch. This are usually regarded as mini computers (well all smart phones, tablets and phablets are referred to as mini computers).

2. Phablets: the name is coined from both smartphone and tablets. The “phone” from smartphone combines with “tablets” to form phablets. This is where the line starts to get blurry as a phablet screen size is the intermediary between a smartphone screen size and a tablet screen size. Phablets screen sizes measures between 5.5″ inch – 6.9″ inch.

3. Tablets: This are the big screen sized devices whose minimum could be as large as 7.0″ inch and the maximum size is usually 10″ inch.

I hope with the explanation above you have been able to deduce that the difference among those categories depends on your device screen size and as such you should know the appropriate place to categorize it.

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