How to make your battery last longer.

e need to make your device last you for a whole day on a single charge is one aspect of our everyday life that is difficult to keep up with. We have recently witnessed the release of some devices that are power packed and have a large battery capacity and long life.

If you are not using such device, you might be wondering how to make your battery last you on a single charge. It is the little insignificant things you don’t pay attention to that kills your battery.

Dim Your Brightness: You really don’t need all the extra light and energy your device is giving off. Only increase your brightness when the need arises. If you wont be needing the extra light, do away with it.Cellular Data Hog: Does your phone need to always be on 3G? No is the answer when you are not working or using any social media app. When less operation is being carried out on your device such as BBM and Whatsapp chat, change your connection from 3G to 2G.Kill All Connections: Why is your Bluetooth, WIFI and hotspot On when its not in use? Those connectivity options drains your battery life.Use a battery saving app or enable “power saving mode” or “ultra-power saving mode” on your device.

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