6 Reasons Why Many Nigerian Ladies Lie About Being Virgins

Come to think of it, have you ever thought of any reason why many Nigerian ladies lie about being a virgin? Generally, I guess many ladies claim that virginity doesn’t define a good relationship & shouldn’t be a yardstick when choosing a partner, yet they lie about it for reasons known to them. See  reasons below.....

1. Because That Is What Guys Love To Hear

YES girls mostly lie about their virginity status because guys in question always mount pressure on them, therefore, they lie about being one. However, an average lady is most likely to lie about being a virgin because being a virgin will make her appear innocent, respected & holy.

2. She Wants To Portray A Good Image

Another reason why they lie about being virgins is because they want to enjoy the benefit of what they aren't  worth.

3. Because You Are Not her Boyfriend 

An average non-virgin lady will flare up if you dare inquire if she’s a virgin. She will be like, “Are you my boyfriend?, or what’s your business if I’m a virgin or not”; and if she decides to tell you, she will definitely lie about it because she knows that your chances of getting to know the truth is next to nothing.

4. Because Guys Attach Too Much Importance To Virginity

Take it or leave it, almost all chic will lie about being a virgin if they get the feeling that virginity and crap matters to you. The reason is because some guys always attach so much importance to virginity even though they aren't  one.

5. Because She Wants To Scam You

Many ladies lie about being virgins especially when they want to use that as a leverage to get you scammed. They will screw you up & get you dumped as quickly as possible when you are close to getting under their skirts.

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