5 Strange Ways to Instantly Get Her Interested In You

1. Use the Daytime Advantage

I don’t know what the deal is but for some reason men almost never hit on women during the day. It seems our hot-girl radar, which runs full-throttle in the drunken wee hours of the morning, falls dormant while the sun is out.

Guys, if you ask a woman out in the daytime, she’ll probably be shocked in the best possible way.

Look around you. The coffee shops, stores, and parks are full of single women who aren’t currently being targeted by the usual playboys you’ll have to compete with later on in the clubs.

This is the time to go say hello.

A word of warning here: you have to approach a woman differently in the daytime in order to avoid the “creeper” effect.

You can be quite direct if you want, something like, “I really like the way you carry yourself; it’s very elegant.” By opening like this, with a direct statement that you’re interested in her as a potential dating partner, you avoid the all-too-common problem that you’ll only briefly chat with her, and then lose her completely. The interaction turns into one of those conversations between strangers that happen everyday but never become more than that.

Be confident and even somewhat professional, not like you’re about to abduct her. And whatever you do, don’t say anything like “I was watching you over there and…” If you say that, you’re a big-time creeper and you just blew your shot to get to know her better.

But if you play your cards right, you can approach a beautiful woman in the daytime with a far greater chance of success than you could in a club later that evening, simply because you’ve got no competition.

2. Surprise Her

You don’t have to act weird or out-of-character to break up normal patterns beautiful women are used to.

All you have to do is change how you respond to her initial comments. For example, when you meet someone new, one of the first questions is always, “what do you do?”

She’ll answer that she’s an artist or an investment banker or a student. When this happens, most guys respond with, “do you like it?” or “how long have you been there?”

Don’t be that guy. Instead, surprise her with questions she’s never been asked before. Questions that show you’re genuinely interested in her as a person (in addition to her smoking hotness, of course).

You could ask: “Was being a banker what you dreamed of being when you were young?”

If she says no (which she usually will), follow up with: “If you could do anything and had zero chance of failure, what would you do?”

By breaking the usual patterns, she’ll immediately begin to wonder what’s different about you. She’ll want to know more, which is exactly what you’re after in those first few lines of the conversation.

3. Use a False Time Constraint

I love this trick, especially when I meet women during the daytime as we discussed earlier.

You’ve gotten the girl talking. She’s interested. She’s beautiful. It’s time to hook her into going on a date with you.

But how do you do that? You don’t want to stop talking to her, and just inserting a “hey do you want to go on a date sometime?” into the middle of the conversation just feels awkward.

When this happens, you need a line that will simultaneously get you out of the conversation and land you a date with her later on.

Here’s the line to use:

“It’d be cool to get to know you a bit, but at the moment I only have 5 minutes because I have some friends I need to meet.”

She’ll say, “oh.”

And then you’ll say, “Let me buy you a coffee sometime. Where’s your favorite place?”

Boom. Set up the time and place, get her phone number, and be proud of yourself my friend. You just landed a date with a beautiful girl.

4. Play the Questions Game

The questions game is a personal challenge you make with yourself. How many minutes can you keep a conversation going by using only questions on your end?

You have to be careful with this one, because if you go too hard at it, you end up sounding like you’re grilling the girl, and that’s no good for you.

But making a conscious effort to show interest in her, rather than telling her all about you, really does work if you do it naturally.

When I use this trick, I usually forget about it a few minutes in because it has the effect of really drawing the girl in. She gets going talking about herself, her dreams and aspirations, her frustrations, and her day-to-day annoyances. I just go with it, asking for more detail whenever she says something interesting.

I’ve gotten this game to over an hour, by the way, without the girl ever noticing I was only asking questions. That’s probably a little much, and that girl turned out to be a bit crazy anyway.

So use the questions game judiciously and only at the beginning of conversation. Done right it really is a great way to get the ball rolling.

5. Make Her Jealous

This might be the most counteractive point on the list. And I know why you’re skeptical. You think I’m suggesting that you obviously check out that bombshell over by the door while you’re talking to the girl you just met, as a way to make her jealous.

That’s not at all what I mean. You do not want to get the girl you just met to start comparing herself to the other women in the room.

What you want is for her to start comparing herself to other women in you life, both past and present.

The woman you just met will start to compare herself to this former girlfriend of yours. She’ll want to prove that she’s just as good a catch, just as beautiful, and maybe even better in ways she can’t wait to show you.

This is a great way to get a woman fully interested in you. You just went from some guy she met to a mission to be pursued and conquered.

By the way, if you mention how good your ex was in the sack, you might get quite the show if and when you and your new girl end up alone together.

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