5 Foolish Things Guys Who Live In Same Room With Girls In Universities Do!!

Someone posted this and I decided to share it with you.

During my sojourn in the Ivory Tower, I knew many guys who had their girlfriends stay with them! The truth is that any girl that brings her stuffs to stay in your house in school must have a secrete plan. Now, you ain’t married yet she stays with you in your one-room apartment or probably, a bed-sitter. You may think you are having a swell time, but my guy, let me tell you, you are definitely in for it!!! When a guy allows his girlfriend to stay with him in school, he is bound to do the following 5 foolish things:

1) You spend the hard-earned money of your parents or guardians to rent an apartment and she packs in. She will save the money that has been given to her and use it to better her life! You go dey there dey form ‘married man’ I guess you have never worked for money before so you don’t freaking know what it means to cough out thousands or hundreds of thousands to rent an apartment! I know guys who wouldn’t allow their younger ones stay with them in school, but dem fit pay continuously for an apartment for dem and their girlfriends from 100L to final year. What a pity!!! 

2) You start feeding her! Deh say small pikin wey wan carry e papa for shoulder, na big blokos go suffocate am!!! When you decide to live like a married man, you must also accept the responsibilities of a married man! Simple. How can you be taking care of somebody when you are still being taken care of? I don’t get it. Most girls who find themselves in such position would definitely pray it lasts till they sit for their degree exams! She buys Brazilian hairs, jewelry, shoes, bags, clothes, etc with her up-keep money And you? You use yours to buy breads, fry eggs and make tea for the both of you! Not forgetting that her friends will still come and eat. When will you have sense then?


3) If both of you are in the same dept., you end up doing assignments for her, writing tests and exams for her! Didn’t God give her brain? There’s a high possibility that she would graduate with a 2.1 and you, a 2.2 or a 3rd class because God must surely punish you for cheating and impersonating

4) You lose your privacy and the opportunity to interact and associate with other reasonable, focused and ambitious students on campus! Your friends take precaution before they visit you. You are stuck with just one person. Why do you think young people are always encouraged to reach out to and make friends with members of the opposite sex far from the time they would be getting married? I ask you, Papa Lotanna!!! Yes, that’s who you are since you have decided to get married in school without the knowledge of your parents. That’s why I still prefer private universities. Things like cohabiting hardly take place! 

5) Foolishly thinking that both of you will get married at last! Most of the guys I knew personally in the university who cohabited with their girlfriends were later dumped or jilted after graduation. Reason: those girls would not want to lose their privacy normally living with a guy from 100L to final year but they decided to cohabit to save their resources and live on the guys’ resources I told you, these girls have plans and you are not part of their plans…just one of the steps on the ladder for those plans to be achieved!!! So when will you have sense, I asked again?

Go to school, study very hard, learn a trade or skill as you are schooling. Make adequate plans for life after graduation. Stop making marriage plans with your that babe that cohabits with you. If you do, you do, you either day-dreaming or living in a fool’s paradise! You are free to have girlfriend because you are mature but don’t allow them cohabit with you!

A word is enough for the wise…peace to ya’ all.

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