How to Download Raw apk Files from Google Play Store to PC or Android and Install Later

By now you know that when downloading apps from Google Play Store with your android device, the app automatically installs on the process without allowing for keep of the raw apk file and also you cannot download from Google Play Store with other devices apart from android.

But today we are going to be showing you how to use any smart mobile devices or PC to download raw apk files from Google Play Store for latter or anytime manual installation on android device.

In this tutorial, if you decide to use android device to download the apk file from Google Play Store, what that entails is boycotting the automatic installation process and keeping the raw file to install at your convenience, but you can also download with any device of choice.

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Without wasting time, let’s go straight to how you can download raw apk files from Google Play store to any device and without instant and automatic installation;

= => Head to Google Play Store with any browser (not with the Google Play Store app on your android)

= => Search and locate the app that you want to download

= => When found, copy the entire app address on the browser address field

= => Head to this apk downloader and paste your copied content on the URL filed there

= =>Click on the Generate Download Link tab

= => Then finally hit the Click Here to Download and your raw apk file for your chosen app will start downloading to your device.

After which you can then open at any time to manually install if you downloaded it with your android device, otherwise you have to transfer the raw apk file to your android for installation if you downloaded with other non-android devices.

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