Do I Need to Root my Android Phone before I Can Tweak/Change IMEI?

This question has generated lots of controversies in the android IMEI tweaking world and lots of people have rather guessed than providing a genuine and convincing answer to that.

Some folks will tell you that you need to root your device before you can tweak/change IMEI while some will tell you that you don’t need rooting.

We know that these days because of the demerits of rooting android phones, some that are not technically savvy have always entertain fears in rooting their devices and they prefer not to root but are interested in tweaking IMEI.

If you are new to android IMEI tweaking and still do not understand what is going on here, you can help yourself for better comprehension of IMEI tweaking.

Now let’s continue, for those that at least know or understand some level of IMEI tweaking and have been following us here, you should know by now that when we talk about android IMEI tweaking, we are referring mostly to that ofMTK devices as the IMEI of other non-MTK devices cannot easily be tweaked.

Most methods you see around that talks about tweaking of non-MTK devices only mask the IMEI buy does not actually change it.

Although some other categories of non-MTK android devices like theSpreadtrum android devices can also have their IMEI easily tweaked as can be seen in tweaking Itel devices.

Coming down now to the true answer to the above question that has been bothering most of you that really want to tweak android IMEI.

I want to sound it clear here that in most cases, android IMEI tweaking has nothing to do with rooting or no rooting; if you want to tweak IMEI, you can go ahead to tweak regardless of whether your android is rooted or not and you will have your android IMEI tweaked without any hassle.

Those are all you need to know about tweaking android IMEI and/or rooting at the same time.

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