How to use mtn bb sub to browse/download on Android

First of all you have to subscribe for any mtn bb10 bundle, You can do this by dailing*123*3*6*3*8#
The monthly subscription costs N1000
The weekly costs N350
while the daily costs N70
After subscribing to the mtn bb10 subscription of your choice next is to configure your phone (go to settings>wireless&network>more>mobile networks>acess point names>MTN NG), Then input the following to the acess point in use
ip or proxy server =
port = 8080
apn =
next is to configure simple server
How To Setup Simple Server
» If you already have Simple
server, open it or downloadSimple Android Server v1.apk
Configure it as follow:
» Listen port='8080'
» Proxy Host=''
» Proxy Port='8080'
» Enable Proxy='YES'
» Injection Method='GET'
» Injection Query=''
» Injection Host=''
» Injection line= (press enter 4 times)
» Enable Injection='YES'
» Buffer Size='8092'
» Log Level='DEBUG'
After that go back to main menu, click start then minimize nd start flexing
if you want to use it on opera change ur protocol to http i.e goto settings>advanced>protocol>http

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