-Tin and columbite
-Transportation Problem:Lack of good road,good rail and harbours linking west african countries to one another is a barrier that brings low volume of trade among west african countries
-Language barrier: Different languages and different cultures in each west african countries is a barrier that brings low volume of trade among west african countries
-Security problem;wars,riots and different terrorist group that are based in each west african countries hinders trade between west african countries
-Different currency: Due to difference in the money spent in different west african countries low volume of trade amidst west african countries arises
-Increasing cooperations between west african countries through by ECOWAS
-Liberalization and simplification of export and import procedures by west african countries
-Through technical cooperation between the countries involved in the trade
-Increasing the security level of west african countries
-Capital: The amount of capital available determines the type and size of the industry that will be established
-Climate: As a natural factor climate determines the type of industry that should be sited and that goods that it should produce in an area
-Availability of raw materials;An industry should be located in an area where the raw materials are readily available,raw materials are the food on which the industry feed on.
-Nearness to power supply;The main sources of power supply to an industry are coal water and electricity.industries should be sited very close to source of power
-Political stability;Both local and foreign industrialist consider countries with political stability for safety of their industries that cost them a lot.
-Lack of capital: The resources of farmers in
Nigeria is very limited so they use little amount
of money for production -Pest and diseases: Certain pest and diseases
prevail in certain part of the country and
restrict agricultural productions in such area eg
locust and weevils -Poor storage facilities: lack of good or no
storage facilities hinders the development of
agriculture in nigeria because farmers often
flood the market with their product during
harvest thereby bringing low price.
-Ignorance: A good number of farmers in nigeria are ignorant of modern farming methods there by bringing low output in their produce
-The use of crude implements: The use of simple agricultural implements eg cutlass and hoes instead of modern and better equipment.these tools give the farmer physical exertion thereby resulting in low output
-Loans shoud be given to farmers
-The government should assist in the importation of agricultural equipment to help out farmers
-Farmers should be trained to accept mordern farming methods to wipe out ignorance
-Storage and processing facilities should be provided at a reduced rate
-Active control of pest and diseases should be embarked on
death rate: this is the ratio of
deaths to the population of a
area or during a particular period of
time, usually
calculated as the number of deaths per one thousand
people per year.
-increased food supplies
and distribution -better nutrition -improvements in
and public health
technology (such as
immunizations and
antibiotics) -improved sanitation and
personal hygiene -safer water supplies (which
has curtailed the spread of
many infectious diseases)
-It contributes to high crime wave
-it leads to poor health services.
-it leads to acute shortage of food.
-Raw materials;a lot of raw materials for the infant industries could be derived eg rubber lump,cocoabean etc
-Foreign exchange;The exploitation of lumberablr trees and the cash crops exported to other countries provide great foriegn exchange for the country
-Employment-The forest also provide jobs for farmers hunter and lumberers
-Provision of economic trees;the provision of lumberable trees makes construction work possible
-Wildlife and tourism;The forest is the natural habitat of wildlife and often serves as tourist centre

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