8 mistakes that could ruin your job interview

Unemployment is one of the challenges people face around the world. As a matter of fact, people in the so-called Developed world still battle with unemployment. However, after job hunting for so long, you finally got yourself a job interview. But you end up ruining it with some silly mistakes. This article will focus on the mistakes that could ruin your job interview. Sometimes you may be so close to getting a job, but certain mistakes you make unconsciously may ruin your chances. At one time or the other, we have faced this situation before. Well, not anymore as this article will point out some of these cringe-worthy mistakes you should avoid. 8 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Job Interview #1 Pretending To Be Perfect: One of the mistakes that could ruin your job interview is pretending to be perfect. Even interviewers understand that nobody is perfect. So, trying to pretend as if you don’t have any flaw will only reduce your chances of getting the job. #2 Talking bad about your old boss: Insulting your old boss is among the mistakes that could ruin your job interview. In fact, this will not present you well before the interviewers. They will always assume that you have a difficult attitude. #3 Not Bothering To Check Out The website: Most interview candidates always fail to check out the website of the company. They will end up looking stupid when the interviewer asks them certain questions about the company. #4 Forgetting To Say Thank You: Most candidates with a good resume, cover letter and perform very good during the interview process often fail to show gratitude. They always fail to say thank you to their interviewer, this could lower your chances of getting the job. So, the next time you attend an interview, ensure that you express undying gratitude. #5 Not Keeping To Time For Video Interview: Another cringe-worthy mistakes candidates make is the inability to keep up with time, especially video interview. This is an indication that you are very unserious and don’t’ keep to time. #6 Poor Negotiating Skill: Sometimes, interview candidates negotiate like rookies. They don’t know the right technique to negotiate salary effectively without sounding rude. #7 Crossing The Line From Confidence To Arrogance: Overconfidence always disqualifies people from getting a job. Interviewers always assume that candidates that are overconfidence are often arrogance. So, it is good to be confident, but don’t overdo it. #8.improper dressing: Obviously your dress code tells much about you! No sagging, no ripped jeans, beards should be properly kept, for females your dress should be decent and responsible. You shouldn't dress to impress at first instance. Good luck don't forget to log on www.mokbase.com tomorrow

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